In this section you will find some of my DIY electronics. During the years, I have been working with valves (tubes), transistors and IC circuits, sometimes all together.
I have no formal education for electronics except my Swedish gymnasium (which was excellent!!), but I have studied on my own. Thousands of pages, books and magazines, about electronics. Due to interest, and due to my work as writer/editor for the Scandinavian Magazine High Fidelity. This means that you might find flaws and mistakes. But I measure everything I make, and this is made increasingly easier with high quality soundcards and impressive software.
Read my Audio CV (new tab) for more information.

General Disclaimer: Electronics and Valve circuitry contains possibly lethal voltages and currents. Be extremely careful when working with electronics, valves, mains circuitry and similar. If someone wants to use some, or some part of my constructions, they do so at their own risk.

I accept NO responsibility for any consequence whatsoever.