Has been a part of my life for many, many years. At the last year of my gymnasium studies, everyone had to complete a special, stand-alone project. Mine was: construction and measurement of a loudspeaker system. Since then, I have made a number of loudspeaker systems, small and big, cheap and expensive.
In 1999, I wrote a series of articles in the Scandinavian magazine High Fidelity about my no-compromise loudspeaker construction (see my CV link: Audio CV) called The Last Loudspeaker (TLL). It is still a cornerstone in my present world of listening and monitoring, see more details in the TLL link below.
In 2006 to 2009, I worked as loudspeaker constructor for a small but ambitious start-up company. Company aim was state-of-the-art, flawless audio reproduction and excellent measurements. Together with the digital preamplifier/filter platform, frequency, phase and impulse response of the loudspeaker was a hard match for any competitor. It was big, 4 woofers (laid out as dual Isobaric), 2 midrange and one tweeter, and seriously expensive. I filed a patent application for the special 4-woofer layout. This work stopped together with the financial crisis in 2008 – 2009, but I continued to work with the woofer layout, to my knowledge still world-wide unique. Today, I use it in my Baby and Junior loudspeakers – see links below.
If you are curious about the special woofer layout, it's benefits and drawbacks, see the Special Woofer Design link. There are also interesting measurements and screen shots in the Proof of Concept link below.
More about my general Thoughts about Loudspeakers and DIY and sound reproduction; click on the link below.
The Junior exists today as a prototype. It is fully functional and almost finished as a loudspeaker model. The present Junior cabinet shape is a prototype, but sound and measurements are fine. The Baby is on it's way to a commercial product, see New Loudspeaker Project heading below.
If you are interested, send a mail to: Loudspeaker info for more information.

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is my website for Classical and Electrical music, you are very welcome to visit it!! You will find Classical sheet music, and my new Electrical CD, and related audio files for Download. The CD is mixed/mastered for high-end equipment, with full-range frequency response and lot's of dynamics, far more than most commercial recordings.
Thank you for your interest!! LJ

New Loudspeaker Project




Thoughts about Loudspeakers and DIY

Special Woofer Design

Proof of Concept