High Fidelity Articles

During the years 1987 to 2003, I wrote a number of articles for the Scandinavian Magazine High Fidelity. The list below is a selection, but a fairly large one. As you can see, Loudspeakers and Amplifiers are the main topics, all interviews were personal, one - to - one interviews, and not just press events. The same goes for the Company Visits.

Equipment tests

Eltax LR-10.5, Infinity Delta 40, JPW ML 1010
Infinity Ouverture 1
Jamo Concert 11
Jamo 507
Mission 753
ProAc Response 2S,
QLN Qubic 313
Sonus Faber Concerto
Thiel CS 1.5
Wijk Wizard Jr

Audio Analogue Bellini Donizetti
Chord CPA 3200, SPM 1200 C
Classe CAP-101 CDP-3 Amplifier and CD Player
Electrocompaniet ECI-2
Hegel P4, H4
Jeff Rowland Amplifiers
JJ Electronic JJ 322 Valve Power amplifier
Kora Equinoxe and Titan Amplifiers
Mesa/Boogie Baron
Sonic Frontiers Anthem Pre1/Amp1
Sugden Masterclass AA
Vincent SV 233

PC Test Equipment
Audio Cad Pro Audio software
Clio PC based audio test equipment
IMP Measurement system
Leap LMS Audio measurement and software
TiePie Engineering PC based measuring equipment

Headphone Test: AKG K240, K270, K501, Koss A-130, Pro-4AA, Vivanco SR 950, Ixos dj1001, Sennheiser HD570, HD590, HD265, HD600 Avantgarde, Sugden Head Master
Marantz AX 1000 Digital signal processing
Ortofon Rohmann Pick-up
PC Sound Cards: Turtle Beach Pinnacle, Terratec EWS 64

Company visits
Burmester Audio Electronics
DPA Microphones - 2 visits
Dynaudio Loudspeakers and units
Emil Hjorth and sons - Violin makers
Hornslet (Loudspeaker Cabinets)
Jensen Capacitors
Johnny Mørch - Electric Guitar Builder
Manger Loudspeakers
Ortofon Pickups - 2 visits
Peerless Loudspeaker units
Scan-speak Loudspeaker units
Seas Loudspeaker units
Teldec Studios, Berlin, Germany
Thiel Loudspeaker units, Germany
VIFA Loudspeaker units

Antje Weithaas - Violinist
Barbara Hendricks - Soprano
Didrik de Geer -Sweden, Electronics and Microphones
Heinrich Schiff - Cellist, Conductor
Håkan Hardenberger - Trumpet soloist
Kees Bakels - Conductor
Krystian Zimerman - Pianist
Marcello Viotti - Conductor
Michel Camilo - Pianist
Stig Carlsson - Loudspeakers
Walter Weller - Violinist, Conductor
Yolanta Skura - Recording Engineer - Opus 111 Records